[CentOS-virt] Problem with CentOS 5.3 Xen and Windows Server 2008 HVM DomU

Mon Oct 19 16:59:08 UTC 2009
Veli-Pekka Kestilä <centos at vpk.nu>

Ben M. wrote:
> I had that issue when I first installed. The clock still acts up once in 
> a while if I take the system down entirely for a few hours, which won't 
> happen now that it is in the rack.
> This seems to work for me at the moment, with or without Xen GPLPV, 
> though GPLPV "safens" your install (Registry Hive errors without it). 
> YMMV and I am not shaken out yet!
I have also installed the GPLPV drivers. But they didn't help with 
crashes when trying to use two CPU
> - I haven't tried a Win2K3 installation yet. So far I am very 
> disappointed with Win2K8 and I'm calling Windows Vista Server here. 
> 20gigs of partition space needed (excluding sql express) to just serve 
> the first, static, web page? Gimme a break!
Well the W2K3 seems to work without problems. Although those virtual 
machines only use one CPU so can't know for sure.

Memory use really isn't problem. But the issue still remains that I 
would need some way to get Windows 2008 to relax the timing requirements 
for the CPU's. So that it wouldn't do the BSOD's on the missed clock 
interrupts. And don't want to go back to 2003 as these machines will 
most probably be running next 5-years with this os.