[CentOS-virt] Testing new Xen Version and rollback.

Fri Oct 9 00:39:08 UTC 2009
Ben M. <centos at rivint.com>

Thanks, the stacklet.com directions looked pretty non-invasive and I 
will try it after a backup. I just wanted to get an idea if depmod will 
do anything other than make the new kernel to test "system ready."

Manuel Wolfshant wrote:
> On 10/09/2009 01:57 AM, Ben M. wrote:
>> I do not have a comprehensive grasp on startup scripts, as well as what 
>> files are not rolled into the kernel itself.
>> In other words, I don't understand yet when a new kernel is installed, 
>> whether there are any support files that come with it, or whether 
>> everything that, for instance, the Xen kernel needs, are entirely within 
>> that kernel file (hardware drivers).
> the normal centos kernel comes with lots of drivers compiled as modules. 
> using tar tjf on the kernel provided by stacklet will let you know what 
> modules does this one include...
>> If it is just a matter of having a section for it in grub.conf.
> depmod, used as described on the site, will not touch the rest of your 
> system. and note that if using the new kernel only inside DomU (thus 
> leaving Dom0 intact) AND using the first method that is described on 
> that page, you do not have to touch ANY grub.conf at all ( by using the 
> kernel directive inside the VM's config file, as described in the first 
> part of the page)
> actually the instructions given over there are pretty sane and - if 
> respected - will not harm in any way the existing systems (either Dom0 
> or DomU). unlike gitco, which, as you have seen, has a much more 
> invasive approach.
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