[CentOS-virt] LVM Lockout

Wed Oct 14 12:17:28 UTC 2009
Ben M. <centos at rivint.com>

Gack. I added an additional Raid1 pair to my machine just before I 
planned to bring it over to the office and I did something dumb and 
locked out.

I have the pv's, vg's and lv's cleared. All I need to do is get on root 
and remove a line from fstab, but I can't get it out of read only mode 
to save the edit.

My root login at "Repair Filesystem" seems unable to make the file 
writeable. I have done this in past with Knoppix, but can't seem to file 
the utility to make the write editable (same with CentOS and other live 
CD's, am downloading newer BackTrack now).