[CentOS-virt] SATA vs RAID5 vs VMware

Fri Sep 25 15:19:19 UTC 2009
Benjamin Franz <jfranz at freerun.com>

Benjamin Franz wrote:
> This will double your memory usage. But it should fix your I/O.
> Take a look at http://vmfaq.com/?View=entry&EntryID=25
> In particular, putting your temporary directory in a ramdisk will 
> improve your I/O profile immensely.
> Edit /etc/vmware/config and add:
> tmpDirectory = "/tmp/vmware"
> Edit /etc/fstab and add
> tmpfs                   /tmp/vmware             tmpfs   
> defaults,size=100% 0 0
> and edit /tmp/cron.daily/tmpwatch and add '-x /tmp/vmware' to the 
> tmpwatch command line for /tmp.
> make your mount point for /tmp/vmware and mount /tmp/vmware

And I just learned something new. According to 
if you use /dev/shm for your tmpDirectory you don't pay the 'double the 
memory' penalty. I am testing it now.

Benjamin Franz