[CentOS-virt] Connection stall when connecting to XEN guests

Christopher G. Stach II

cgs at ldsys.net
Wed Apr 14 15:04:23 UTC 2010

----- "Peter Hopfgartner" <peter.hopfgartner at r3-gis.com> wrote:

> Nothing seems to change. Indeed, also pinging the guest has the same 
> problems. I'm also monitoring this machine since this morning and 
> services are up and down and I can not understand why.
> iptables on dom0 and vm guest are, at the moment, turned off.
> Summarizing:
> 1. This happens on all XEN guests on this physical server, except
> dom0. 
> It does not happen on any other server/xen guest.
> 2. Outgoing network connections are fine.
> 3. xm console <xen_guest> works fine.
> Peter

While you're pinging when it isn't working, do the packets at least get to dom0? Is ARP working during that time? Are you using NAC or anything funky on its switch?

Christopher G. Stach II

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