[CentOS-virt] Useless use of AllowOverride

Wed Apr 14 14:38:28 UTC 2010
Luke Carrier <luke.carrier at xinos.org>

So what, it's 2010? People still have to start somewhere, and being rude and
unwelcoming is not the right way to go about things. Please keep your rude
comments to yourself, or don't subscribe to mailing lists where people are
inevitably going to make mistakes?


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----- "John Thomas" <gmane-2006-04-16 at jt-socal.com> wrote:

> > I'm going to chime in, hoping that you won't waste everyone's time
> with your stupidity in the future: What does this *warning* have to do
> with virtualization?
> Ease up there tough guy.  We were all rookies once.  Encouraging people 
> like this will help you/us because the world will be smarter.

It's 2010. That's not a valid excuse anymore.

Christopher G. Stach II
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