[CentOS-virt] virt-manager connect to remote virtual server xen+ssh

Thu Apr 22 04:28:39 UTC 2010
Christopher G. Stach II <cgs at ldsys.net>

----- "Ed Heron" <Ed at Heron-ent.com> wrote:

>   I'm trying to use virt-manager to manager my other xen based 
> virtualization servers, but I'm unable to successfully connect to them.  I 
> am able to connect to the other servers with 
> virsh --connect=xen+ssh://vsrv/, though, so I'm assuming it has something to 
> do with virt-manager.  I haven't, yet, found any debug mode, so I'm hoping 
> someone on the list has some suggestions for me.
>   Please, give me some hints as to where to go next in trouble shooting 
> virt-manager connecting to a non-local xen server.

Make sure you're running as root (real root) on your local machine. (``su -'' should work.) After that, run virt-manager and, since it's already working for you, configure the connection to use xen+ssh. On the remote side, at least to get it up and running, ensure that PasswordAuthentication and PermitRootLogin are turned on for SSH and that you don't have any funny business going on in root's authorized_keys (forced commands come to mind.) After that, it *should* work. If it doesn't, check your audit log and see what SELinux is doing with SSH. Also, you can run virt-manager in a terminal on the local side so you can check the output. You may get X11 authentication errors, but probably only if you're not running as root locally.

Christopher G. Stach II