[CentOS-virt] KVM: 'ÿ' character after starting a VM via virt-install

Mon Apr 26 14:53:14 UTC 2010
compdoc <compdoc at hotrodpc.com>

Just curious as to what hardware you're running it on. And
when you say you've installed the necessary rpms, does this
mean you installed KVM by hand after the install, or through
the installer when you first installed it?
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Subject: [CentOS-virt] KVM: 'ÿ' character after starting a
VM via virt-install
I'm unable to start a virtual machine with KVM.

I'm using Centos 5.4

I have installed all necessary rpms (to my knowledge), but
as you can see from the output (below), the system does not
boot the CD-ROM. It just sits there doing nothing:
# virt-install --prompt

Would you like to use KVM acceleration? (yes or no) yes

 What is the name of your virtual machine? test

 How much RAM should be allocated (in megabytes)? 1024

 What would you like to use as the disk (file path)?

 How large would you like the disk
(/var/lib/libvirt/images/test.img) to be (in gigabytes)? 20

 What is the install CD-ROM/ISO or URL?

Starting install...

Creating storage file...
|  20 GB     00:00

Creating domain...
|    0 B     00:00

Connected to domain test

Escape character is ^]


the 'ÿ' character appears after a few seconds, then

Any help is appreciated! 
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