[CentOS-virt] IP based VirtualHost: IP aliases vs. additional virtual interfaces

Mathieu Baudier mbaudier at argeo.org
Tue Aug 10 05:01:38 EDT 2010


I have a virtualized infrastructure based on KVM/QEMU with CentOS 5.5
x86_64 hosts and guests, using bridge networking.
I want to set up IP based VirtualHosts in Apache (because they will
use SSL) and I have ordered an IP block.

Now, in order to have the IPs available on some guests, I'm wondering
whether I should:
1 - add additional virtual interfaces
2 - set up IP aliases (eth0:1, etc.) in the guests

I imagine that (1) would be faster and more efficient (but that's a
guts feeling), and it feels cleaner.
But with (2), I just need to restart the network in order to add new
IPs (there won't be that many: like around 10 in the next few months),
insteead of restarting the whole guest.

Are there any best practices for adding IP-addresses to virtualized guests?

Thanks in advance for your insights!


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