[CentOS-virt] Vmware Server 2 and KVM....

Mon Aug 16 13:05:31 UTC 2010
Tom Bishop <bishoptf at gmail.com>

I am finally starting to pull the plug on vmware 2 and want to start
migrating to KVM, what I would like to know and I have searched but not
found anything conclusive.  Is it possible to run Vmware server 2 and KVM at
the same time, I am running Centos 5.5 x64 on a 16 core 32g memory
machine....the reason I would like to do this is that it would allow me to
convert the vm's one at a time and do it in more of a phased approach,
otherwise I may have to try to do it all at the same time....I dont have
many VM's maybe 6 or 7 but would be nice if I could do them one at a
time....Thanks in advance....
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