[CentOS-virt] OpenNode (CentOS + OpenVZ + KVM) Management Server preview is now available

Wed Dec 15 00:52:20 UTC 2010
Andres Toomsalu <andres at active.ee>


We have been releasing first public preview of OpenNode Management Server and its ajax Web Management Console. OpenNode host (eg bare-metal OpenNode ISO installer) is basically a CentOS + OpenVZ + KVM + libvirt + func mashup with customized installer - while OpenNode Management Server provides central management features based on func and libvirt layer and including a RPC API server + ajax Web Management Console on top of func infrastructure - together with secure HTML5 VNC and SSH VM consoles. 

More info about OpenNode in general: 

OpenNode Management Server release announcement: 

Andres Toomsalu, andres at active.ee
CEO, Active Systems LLC