[CentOS-virt] LTO tape drives and Bacula for Backups?

compdoc compdoc at hotrodpc.com
Wed Feb 10 19:43:11 UTC 2010

>Christopher G. Stach II

>There is little argument for tapes at all in modern backup
systems unless you need archival storage and you have money
to burn on media, time (backup/restore time as well as time
lost during restore on the requesting side), staff, etc.

We think of our 320G Quantum Sata DLT-4 tape drive as
'hot-swappable'. The tape is easily replaceable, without
having to worry about bad connectors that can plague hot
swap drive bay equipment. 

At $45 per tape for 320G of storage, it competes with hard
drives. In case of tape drive failure, the tapes still work
with the new drive. And with scsi or sata based tape drives,
speed is not a problem. 

Combined with disk based network storage, tapes have a place
in IT.

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