[CentOS-virt] moving from Xen to KVM

Dennis J. dennisml at conversis.de
Thu Feb 25 01:32:33 UTC 2010

Do you have the "kvm" package installed?
Also what exactly do you mean by "KVM as well"? Are you aware that you can 
only run Xen or KVM but not both at the same time on the same host?


On 02/25/2010 12:14 AM, Dave Augustus wrote:
> What is needed to install kvm? I have the non xen kernel as the default.
> I have virsh, virt-install installed. What am I missing in my config?
> Look at my second bullet point to get a sense of where I am stuck.
> Thanks for your help,
> Dave
> On Feb 24, 2010, at 12:14 PM, Adam <adam0x54 at gmail.com
> <mailto:adam0x54 at gmail.com>> wrote:
>> Did you install kvm?
>> If you need to move the xen virtual machines to kvm you will need to
>> boot them in rescue mode, change your modprobe.conf to load the
>> regular scsci and nic drivers, install a regular kernel, remove the
>> xen console from inittab and remove console=xvc0 from your
>> /etc/grub.conf and reboot.
>> -Adam
>> On Wed, Feb 24, 2010 at 9:16 AM, Dave Augustus <
>> <mailto:davea at ingraftedsoftware.com>davea at ingraftedsoftware.com
>> <mailto:davea at ingraftedsoftware.com>> wrote:
>>     Hello All,
>>     I have been building a new server to deploy using Xen. However,
>>     seeing that Redhat is moving towards KVM, it would seem beneficial
>>     to deply this server using KVM as well. This is a Centos 5.4
>>     x86_64 fresh install.
>>     So here is the scoop:
>>         * running the xen kernel with 2 vms works great. I have 2 vms-
>>           a cobbler host and an ldap host.
>>         * running with non-xen kernel, I can't seem to get anything to
>>           work right. Using virt-install from the command line, I get
>>           the response of "Host does not support any virtualization
>>           options" yet I know it does.
>>     What am I missing here?
>>     I spent some hours last night searching and came up empty.
>>     Thanks in advance,
>>     Dave
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