[CentOS-virt] Xen box down

Mon Jan 4 21:01:29 UTC 2010
compdoc <compdoc at hotrodpc.com>

Well, I'm not sure this is the best place to ask for help
with hardware issues, but it does sound like a problem with
at least one of your hard drives. Older raptors ran pretty
hot and needed good cooling. WD's newer drives run cool.

Hopefully, your raid is a mirror or a raid 5. The raid
controllers built into motherboards aren't always the best
way to go - how long has yours been running? 

Also hope you've created backup images...

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My stock CentOS 5.4 box won't come up after a reboot as
reported from my 

Error is: "duplicate or bad block in use"

Before rebooting xm dmsg had printk suppressed messages.

The box is remote, 2 hour drive. Some advice on what
hardware to bring 
with me and how to approach this via fsck would be welcome.

Its an nvidia dmraid boot on WD Velocirapters.

And Happy New Year to all.

- Ben M.

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