[CentOS-virt] Xen box down

Tue Jan 5 01:47:49 UTC 2010
Christopher G. Stach II <cgs at ldsys.net>

----- "Ben M." <centos at rivint.com> wrote:

> Error is: "duplicate or bad block in use"

It's probably just that fsck can't automatically fix some dirtiness and not a big deal. If you aren't prompted for a password or to log in to fix manually, get to the grub menu, edit the grub command line, stick ``single'' and/or ``init=/bin/sh'' on the end, boot, and run fsck manually. If you just want the machine up in a possibly slightly fucked state, just answer "yes" to everything. If not and you care a little bit about maybe getting some data back, see the next paragraph. (It's usually not that bad unless you have a skilled enemy or very bad luck.) You can probably have someone do all of it over the phone.

If it doesn't even get that far or fsck can't fix it automatically, you're probably screwed. Whenever that has happened to me, I just do a block level dump of the partition/disk and recover from that image. It's a lot easier. Anyway, it is probably fine. If it isn't, you can always try pulling each of the disks or setting it back to use a single disk to try and isolate the problem.

Also, switch to MD RAID. :)

Christopher G. Stach II