[CentOS-virt] Fedora 12 domU will not boot kernel

Fri Jan 8 14:01:27 UTC 2010
Pasi Kärkkäinen <pasik at iki.fi>

On Thu, Jan 07, 2010 at 09:43:32AM -0500, Tait Clarridge wrote:
> > 
> > I think 5.4 added some hypervisor/dom0 side fixes, that might be needed
> > for F12 guests. I'm not totally sure. You can go through redhat bugzillas 
> > if you want :)
> > 
> I will take a look into the changes, thanks.
> > I've been successfully running both 32bit and 64bit Fedora 12
> > domUs/guests on EL 5.4 dom0.
> > 
> > What's the actual problem? Use virt-install or virt-manager to install
> > new F12 guest.
> > 
> > Btw what's your hardware?
> > 
> > -- Pasi
> To install the guest I mounted the DVD on a remote webserver and
> exported via HTTP, from dom0 I grabbed the pxeboot kernel and ramdisk
> and passed those to the domU to start the install. When using the F12
> kernel/ramdisk the domU doesn't cause any errors (logs are clean as
> well) but it doesn't start. It goes up and down twice in very quick
> succession and the logs tell me that it is rebooting too quickly and
> therefore it stops attempting to boot the domU. When using the F11
> install kernel/ramdisk the domU boots and installs just fine.
> To get it to F12 I tried preupgrade but on rebooting when I select the
> preupgrade selection from pygrub it has the same behaviour as the
> initial F12 install. Same thing happens when I do the upgrade from yum
> and try to boot the new kernel.
> The machine right now is running all F12 software except for the kernel.
> When booting any F12 kernel there are no error messages in either domU
> (obviously) or dom0.
> The hardware is a SunFire x4140 with 64GB ram and dual quad core
> Opterons. I can get more specific if you would like, but xen has worked
> perfectly on these machines with every other type of OS except F12.
> I will try and get some downtime for the box so I can upgrade if the
> conclusion is that some dom0/hypervisor fixes in the newer kernel/xen
> packages will solve the problem.
> I appreciate the help and quick responses so far :)

I think 5.4 version of python-virtinst added some fixes aswell..  
so maybe you need to upgrade to that for F12 installation to work.

Also please try running "xm console" for the guest and see what it does
and where it crashes..

-- Pasi