[CentOS-virt] Move Xen Image to Another Server

Mon Jun 14 16:17:48 UTC 2010
Wendy William <kotakomputer at yahoo.com>


Using your method works fine (thanks!), I can PING to Dom-U, but ..... after RESTART server then I can not ping to Dom-U.
When I run ifconfig then peth0 disappear (before booting there is peth0).

Note that YUM UPDATE run before restart server.

Any idea?

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> I want to move xen image (Dom-U) to another Server (both 
> Servers use CentOS 5.5).
> Can I just copy the file to new server then 
> create new Dom-U and pointed to the image file?
> Any information 
> of link/doc/manual is appreciated.

Check /etc/xen/domU  cfgfile.
Copy that cfgfile to the new server, and also the disk image  file.

Make sure the new server has a network bridge with the same name  available.

> Pasi