[CentOS-virt] (KVM) How can I migrate VM in a non shared storage environment?

Mon Jun 28 16:17:56 UTC 2010
Christopher Hunt <dharmachris at gmail.com>

+1 for dd + nc over ssh if necessary.

	This process can and probably will saturate your ethernet interface, so 
depending upon the amount of traffic the box pushes on the public 
interface the size of the partition and other factors, sometimes i add a 
crossover cable between unused interfaces on the 2 boxes and run the 
process over that interface, so it doesn't impact the running vms.


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> On 24/06/10 7:17 AM, "Poh Yong Hwang"<yongsan at gmail.com>  wrote:
>> I have a server running CentOS 5.5 with KVM capabilities. I need to migrate
>> all the VMs to another server with the exact same hardware specs. The problem
>> is it is running on individual harddisks, not shared storage. What is the best
>> way to migrate to minimise downtime?
> I've had good success using dd and nc (netcat) to copy the contents of a
> disk or disk image from one machine to another, and verifying the copy was
> successful with a md5sum or sha1sum of both the original and copied disk.
> Kelvin
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