[CentOS-virt] Introducing ConVirt 2.0

Tue Mar 9 20:37:46 UTC 2010
Grant McWilliams <grantmasterflash at gmail.com>

On Tue, Mar 9, 2010 at 12:28 PM, jd <jdsw2002 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Thanks for sharing your view points.
> You are right, If some one wants to make a mess.. they can do it as easily
> with Web interface as with command line tools.
> As far as *good* reasons why you may want to consider ConVirt 2.0 for your
> needs, please see the following url,
> http://convirture.com/products_opensource.html
> Feel free to compare it with other open source tools and give suggestions
> on what you would like to see.
> Just a side note, one announcement per release is hardly be categorized
> under  "spamming"  or "commercials".
Product websites rarely answer any questions about the product because
they're too general. The word commercial comes to mind
in that regard because you can read the product description and still have
no idea what it does and even more importantly what it doesn't do. Nobody
wants to advertise what their product doesn't do.  For example

**New* Multi-user administration*
ConVirt 2.0 Open Source enables you to share responsibility for managing the
virtualized environment between multiple administrators while maintaining
full accountability. Each administrator has his or her own login and all of
the actions they perform are being continuously audited.

This tells me that we can have more than one person administering the VMs
and we know what they're doing as well. Does this also mean we can restrict
said administrators so Bob can only administer VM1 and VM2 but not VM3? Who
knows. Maybe this is just a sudo group that has control of the VM commands
and they're being run as root. If that's the case I can do that with a one
liner in sudoers so it doesn't really solve anything.

I think this is the general feeling about URLs to product websites. The real
information ends up being gathered in forums like this one or by going
through the laborious process of trying out every singe Xen GUI interface
before you finally decide to write your own.

Grant McWilliams
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