[CentOS-virt] Choices for shared network storage, NFS vs iSCSI

David Hollis dhollis at davehollis.com
Wed May 19 15:49:53 UTC 2010

On 05/19/2010 09:30 AM, compdoc wrote:
> I think iSCSI is easier to implement and is certainly fast, but I'm unclear
> about the number of iSCSI clients that can access a volume (iSCSI target) at
> the same time. So, I use it with only one client at a time.

iSCSI does allow multiple initiators to access a target simultaneously.
 Of course, the initiator's OS needs to handle the access properly via
cluster-aware filesystem (VMFS, GFS2, etc) or locking mechanisms to
avoid data corruption.  Additionally, the target implementation may
require support for certain SCSI reservation protocols to handle certain
clustering implementations.

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