[CentOS-virt] Is kvm-clock dependant on hardware of Physical Server?

Thu Nov 4 04:03:33 UTC 2010
Steven Ellis <mail_lists at stevencherie.net>

I've got a three Centos 5.5 KVM severs, but only one of them is presenting
guests with the kvm-clock source.  

The two servers I'm not seeing kvm-clock on have Athlon x2 64bit

The other server with kvm-clock has a Phenom II X6 1090T Processor. 
I've checked the system configuration and all the boxes have the same set
of RPM packages. To confirm that the issue was physical
hardware specific I migrated a VM from the Athlon to the Phenom server and
the kvm-clock source appeared.  

Any ideas why I'm not seeing kvm-clock with my Athlon X2 processors, or is
there another difference I haven't caught?