[CentOS-virt] SPICE Benchmark

Tue Nov 16 17:09:21 UTC 2010
Alexey Vasyukov <vasyukov at gmail.com>

Hi folks.

We finally finished our work on benchmarking SPICE and would like to share
the results.

Detailed report in English:

The report provides benchmark results of SPICE network load for different
types of workload. SPICE operation on limited low-speed network connection
was also tested. The results were compared with similar tests for RDP.

Testing was based on SPICE version 0.4.3. This version is not the latest one
but it is used currently in RHEV-D 2.2 and also in RHEL6. So, we guess, the
results are pretty useful.

We are going to test SPICE 0.6 in nearest future because it has very
interesting WAN improvements. So, we welcome any comments, critics or

Best regards,
Alexey Vasyukov
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