[CentOS-virt] KVM: where are the directions?

Sat Nov 13 02:54:20 UTC 2010
MargoAndTodd <margoandtodd at gmail.com>

On 11/11/2010 01:50 PM, Kenni Lund wrote:
> You'll never need to run it from the command line, use the available
> management tools (libvirt+virsh from the command line,
> libvirt+virt-manager from X11), it makes your life much much easier.
> I've been running qemu-kvm from the command line for several years,
> and while it's fine to know how the system works, then you definitely
> don't want to manage your enterprise virtual machines that way. For
> example, if you start qemu-kvm twice in parallel, with the same HDD
> image, you'll damage or destroy your HDD image. Libvirt takes care of
> such banalities and many others.

Thank you!

These are small business servers.  The CentOS server is the only server
on the network.  I start my VM's in rc.local and shut them down in
rd.shutdown (I wrote my own).  So, I am stuck with the command line.
Thank you for the heads up on running them twice!

But, on my new office machine, I will be running them headed, so I
will be using your instructions there.