[CentOS-virt] vmware datastore mounted by NFS

Sat Oct 9 16:56:44 UTC 2010
Ted Miller <limaohio123-CompMailLists at yahoo.com>

I recently moved my vmware datastore from a local disk partition to an 
NFS share (in preparation for some other system changes that are still 
in progress).

In the init sequence, vmware loads before the NFS share gets mounted, so 
it checks the datastore, and finds it empty.  Makes it hard to start a 
VM. :(

As a temporary fix, I added the line
service vmware restart
to rc.local, but I consider that a kludge.

I find in rc3.d the files S19vmware and S25netfs.


1. If I change S19vmware to S27vmware, that should bring up the NFS file 
system before VMware starts, correct?

2. Are the NFS file systems mounted at that point in init?

3. If I change the boot order of vmware, will vmware change it back to 
19 next time I have to run vmware-config.pl?

Ted Miller
Indiana, USA