[CentOS-virt] performance differences between kvm/xen

Tue Oct 26 18:38:43 UTC 2010
Grant McWilliams <grantmasterflash at gmail.com>

> >
> > One thing that I think probably needs to be modified for our needs is a
> Dom0
> > controller to run various tests in each DomU simultaneously then collate
> the
> > date.
> > Virtual worlds are more complex than non-virtual ones. Sometimes
> something
> > runs great in on VM but drags when multiple VMs are being used.
> I was also going to mention that we should look at scalability and
> performance isolation.
> Some references and previous studies here:
> http://todddeshane.net/research/Xen_versus_KVM_20080623.pdf
> http://clarkson.edu/~jnm/publications/isolation_ExpCS_FINALSUBMISSION.pdf<http://clarkson.edu/%7Ejnm/publications/isolation_ExpCS_FINALSUBMISSION.pdf>
> http://clarkson.edu/~jnm/publications/freenix04-clark.pdf<http://clarkson.edu/%7Ejnm/publications/freenix04-clark.pdf>
> Also, is there anybody that has access to or would be able to get
> access to run SPECvirt?
> http://www.spec.org/virt_sc2010/
> Thanks,
> Todd
>  <CentOS-virt at centos.org>

So you've already done a lot of this then Todd? Should we just be making a
standardized test out of your work?

Grant McWilliams

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