[CentOS-virt] Confused by "qemu-img convert"

Sat Apr 23 05:28:16 UTC 2011
MargoAndTodd <margoandtodd at gmail.com>

> Hi All,
> Okay.  Now I am confused.
> I have a bunch of virtual machines running under Virtual Box 3.2.12.
> I want to run them under KVM and drop Virtual Box from these
> systems.
> Supposedly "qemu-img convert" now supports direct conversion
> from vdi to whatever KVM uses.  So I fired up the man page and
> got really confused.  Then I fired up Google and got worse
> confused.
> Might I impose on some kind individual to write down a sample
> run string that would show me how to do this?
> Many thanks,
> -T

Is it as easy as?

qemu-img convert -f vdi oldImage.vdi -O qcow2 newImage.qcow

Do I need a ton of disk space to go to a full hard drive
then back to a small virtual hard drive?

Do I need the Virtual Box XML file for anything or just
the VDI?

Many thanks,