[CentOS-virt] A question about memory ballooning

Tue Apr 26 06:33:00 UTC 2011
James A. Peltier <jpeltier at sfu.ca>

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| Hi all,
| How can I manage automatically memory ballooning under a kvm host
| (C5.6 and future C6)?? For example if I define a kvm guest to boot up
| with 512MB of RAM and I have configured 1GB as a maximum memory for
| this
| guest, how can I allocate this memory when guest will need it??
| And the opposite question, can memory balloon be deallocated?? And is
| it possible to do this automatically or is an error to do this??
| Thanks.
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No you cannot do it automatically.  It must be scripted and reboots are required.  Under any 5.x branch it is simply not possible as not all information needed to be provided may be available.  Can't remember where I read that, but it was quite recent.  Check the RH documentation

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