[CentOS-virt] compress raw image


dacresni at slu.edu
Thu Aug 4 18:13:36 UTC 2011

you seem to be subscribing to the 'its easier to do it all in one line' approach. don't do that. 
1) dump: dd if=<device> of=imagefile.iso
2) compress: bzip2 -z imagfile.iso -c > imagfile.iso.bz2
3) send: scp your_username at remotehost.edu:imagefile.iso /some/local/directory/imagefile.iso.bz2
4) decompress : bunzip imagefile.iso.bz2 

ok, enough wrinkles here that you need to iron out by reading the man pages, I'll 

Nehemiah I. Dacres
Saint Louis University: Advanced Technology Group
Linux System Administrator 

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