[CentOS-virt] New Guess OS Creation Problem

Mon Dec 12 15:06:50 UTC 2011
takizo <paulooi at takizo.com>

On Dec 12, 2011, at 6:56 PM, Stefan Hajnoczi wrote:

> On Sun, Dec 11, 2011 at 4:40 PM, takizo <paulooi at takizo.com> wrote:
>> LC_ALL=C PATH=/sbin:/usr/sbin:/bin:/usr/bin QEMU_AUDIO_DRV=none /usr/libexec/qemu-kvm -S -M rhel6.1.0 -enable-kvm -m 4096 -smp 1,sockets=1,cores=1,threads=1 -name database -uuid f3e9f320-7826-7e50-94bb-1833f7fd9dfb -nodefconfig -nodefaults -chardev socket,id=charmonitor,path=/var/lib/libvirt/qemu/database.monitor,server,nowait -mon chardev=charmonitor,id=monitor,mode=control -rtc base=utc -no-reboot -drive file=/opt/cibai/database,if=none,id=drive-ide0-0-0,format=raw,cache=none,aio=threads -device ide-drive,bus=ide.0,unit=0,drive=drive-ide0-0-0,id=ide0-0-0,bootindex=2 -drive file=/opt/ISO-Download/FreeBSD-8.2-RELEASE-amd64-disc1.iso,if=none,media=cdrom,id=drive-ide0-1-0,readonly=on,format=raw,aio=threads -device ide-drive,bus=ide.1,unit=0,drive=drive-ide0-1-0,id=ide0-1-0,bootindex=1 -netdev tap,fd=22,id=hostnet0 -device e1000,netdev=hostnet0,id=net0,mac=52:54:00:77:a5:a6,bus=pci.0,addr=0x3 -chardev pty,id=charserial0 -device isa-serial,chardev=charserial0,id=serial0 -usb -vnc,password -vga cirrus -device virtio-balloon-pci,id=balloon0,bus=pci.0,addr=0x4
>> char device redirected to /dev/pts/6
>> Using CPU model "cpu64-rhel6"
>> block I/O error in device 'drive-ide0-0-0': Invalid argument (22)
> Is /opt/cibai/database on a special filesystem or exotic storage setup?
> Please check dmesg on the host for any kernel messages regarding I/O errors.
> Please try reading the file on the host to check whether the I/O error
> is happening on the host and not related to KVM:
> $ dd if=/opt/cibai/database of=/dev/null iflag=direct
> Stefan

Hi Stefan,

When I booted the VM, dmesg actually produced this message, I am not sure is it a warning or error. 

kvm: 6303: cpu0 unhandled wrmsr: 0x198 data 0
kvm: 6303: cpu0 unhandled wrmsr: 0x198 data 0