[CentOS-virt] Centos 5.5 KVM GRUB / Virtio issue

Ken Bass

kbass at kenbass.com
Wed Jan 12 19:04:39 UTC 2011

On 01/12/2011 01:54 PM, Ken Bass wrote:
> On 01/12/2011 01:42 PM, Bruno Ribeiro da Silva wrote:
>> Did you set you /dev/vda1 as bootable?
> I actually had forgotten about that. But after doing so, the error
> message remains the same.
> According the grub documentation, stage 1.5 error 2 means:
> "2 : Bad file or directory type
>        This error is returned if a file requested is not a regular file,
>        but something like a symbolic link, directory, or FIFO."

More info...After comparing my working system with the non-working one. 
I notice the non-working ext3 filesystem has an inode size of 256. The 
working system 128. Could this be the issue with grub? I see some 
ramblings on the Internet about grub and inode size issues.

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