[CentOS-virt] OT: Recommendations for a virtual storage server

Gilberto Nunes

gilberto.nunes32 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 28 15:13:34 UTC 2011

My recomendation: Freenas...
It´s a lightweight NAS with freebsd and work very well...
I had installed 4 VM with KVM on CentOS 5.5.
This Freenas VM server iSCSI storage to 4 VM with Windows 2008 R2
Cluster FailOver solution...
 I installed Freenas ´cause I was needed iSCSI with Persistent
Reservation on it in order to deploy Cluster FailOver on MS WIndows
2008 R2...

I hope this can help you too...


2011/1/28 carlopmart <carlopmart at gmail.com>:
> Hi all,
>  I need to install a virtual machine acting as a virtual storage server under
> CentOS 5.x (using kvm, xen, virtualbox or vmware). This virtual storage machine
> needs to server storage to another ESXi server and at the same time to the host
> where is installed.
>  This is due to the limitations of hardware I have available. Both hosts needs to
> server several machines.
>  It is very important that the virtual machine consumes the least resources
> possible (host has 5GB RAM and i need to run three virtual machines minimum,
> including this storage server as a virtual machine).
>  What can be better solution: CentOS, NexentaStor, openfiler ...??
>  Many thaks.
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> CL Martinez
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Gilberto Nunes

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