[CentOS-virt] Suggestions to improve this minimal kickstart config for CentOS 6?

Wed Jul 20 14:01:20 UTC 2011
Manuel Wolfshant <wolfy at nobugconsulting.ro>

On 07/20/2011 04:48 PM, Kartik Subbarao wrote:
> On 07/19/2011 05:36 PM, Manuel Wolfshant wrote:
>> Try the attached ks. It installs around 180 packages. libselinux-utils
>> is in because I find it mandatory to be able to modify the selinux
>> configuration of an existing system.
> Thanks for the info. I created a VM with this config and it took up 
> about 512MB of disk space, which is higher than the kickstart file 
> that I posted (about 460MB).
you removed selinux and also used rpm -e --nodeps which I would never 
promote (even if I also use on occasions).
ditch from my list the packages which install firmware and you'll end up 
at roughly the same size as yours. anyway my target was never minimal 
space on disk (today even CFs and SSD are several times larger than what 
the ks installs ) but minimal number of packages while still maintaining 
out of the box all the proper functionality ( or at least my vision on 
it), including for servers with real storage behind them ( brocade, etc 
). and I emphasize again: including selinux tools.

> I'm running x86_64 so I'll probably see different sizes than your 
> system which appears to be i686.
my ks works on both, just adjust the repository used for install

> In any event, thanks for taking the time to post your kickstart file. 
> It helps me validate that what I have is reasonably minimal, that I'm 
> probably not missing any major sources of size reductions.