[CentOS-virt] New to virtualization - can't use more than one CD when installing a new VM

Steve Campbell campbell at cnpapers.com
Mon Jun 27 16:02:14 EDT 2011

I've done a search through all the Centos-virt emails, but can't find 
the answer.

I'm trying to install my first VM using Centos 5.5 as the host as well 
as the VM OS. It starts fine using VMM, but when it asks for the second 
disk of 8 CDs, the first one isn't ejected, although unmounted because I 
can open the tray, and won't recognize that the second CD is inserted.

Was I wrong in not waiting for the ejection, or am I missing something 
in the host setup. I'm using xen, if that matters from the 5.5 release.

Thanks for any clarity.

steve campbell

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