[CentOS-virt] Drupal/MySQL performance in Xen and OpenVZ

Wed Jun 8 12:07:55 UTC 2011
Einar S. Idsø <einar.centos at norsk-esport.no>


We are considering a transition from OpenVZ to Xen for our web server
infrastructure. The primary task performed by the virtual servers is to run
a number of Drupal sites with a MySQL backend. The webserver and MySQL
servers are on separate virtual hosts. We also have a number of smaller
hosts running on the same hardware (a couple of dev-servers, a
logging-and-monitoring server, a secondary webserver ++).

>From what I have understood, there is very little performance degradation in
OpenVZ, also for IO operations, due to the use of isolated containers
instead of actual virtualisation. I have also seen tests indicating
detrimental IO performance of Xen IO [1]. Despite this, I have found several
posters [2] suggesting the use of Xen over OpenVZ when it comes to running
Drupal sites.

One of the main arguments against OpenVZ is unpredictable and variable
performance because VPS-hosts tend to overbook their host capacitiy. This is
not an issue for us since we host our own VPSs on our own hardware so we are
in complete control.

So: Is there any reason Xen may be able to outperform OpenVZ for the
webserver-setup I have described, or should I just continue to use OpenVZ?


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