[CentOS-virt] Reading the new 6.0 manual - now questions

Fri Jun 17 15:22:06 UTC 2011
Steve Campbell <campbell at cnpapers.com>

I'm new to running VMs, so I'm hoping this hasn't been a problem 
question asked before. I've only glazed over the emails from this list 
since I've joined due to not really needing all of the great information 
if provides.

Eric suggested I wait for Centos 6 to start loading my new VM host, and 
so I grabbed the RH Virtualization PDF and started digging in.

Firstly, it occurred to me that Centos 6 might not provide the 
virtualization rpms like it did with Centos 5. RH makes this an add-on 
to their license. Does anyone know if the upcoming Centos 6 will provide 
the virtualization packages (right away or in the future)?

Secondly, I'm not sure I understand the CPU allocation stuff. If I have 
6 cores, it appears I can only create VMs that use 6 cores total. Using 
the GUI for creating a new VM will provide me with a max number I can 
allocate. Does this mean that I can allocate, for example,  3 VMs that 
use 2 cores each and never be able to create any other new VMs or does 
this mean I can create as many VMs as I want but only start VMs  that 
use the max total cores or less?

I should get my shiny new machine next week, the one with real 
virtualization capability,  so some of this may be answered on my own by 
playing around, but until then, thought I'd get a head start on 
rectifying my stupidity.

Thanks for any help (along with a special thanks to Eric for his 
original help).

steve campbell