[CentOS-virt] New to virtualization - can't use more than one CD when installing a new VM

Tue Jun 28 20:29:51 UTC 2011
PLD <sa212+libvirt at cyconix.com>

On 28/06/2011 00:07, Steve Campbell wrote:

> Now, back to the original question. What is necessary to make this work like a
> normal, non-VM install?

I haven't tried this with VMM, but you almost certainly have to run 
'virsh detach-disk' to unmount the first DVD, and 'virsh attach-disk' to 
mount the second DVD. virsh is very poorly documented 
so you may have to mess around. My old Xen instructions for 
attaching/detaching iso images *on disk* are below.  Try swapping 'file' 
to 'tap', and 'path-to-iso.iso' to '/dev/sr0', to use physical DVDs. 
Note that the newer virsh does not use a number to identify your VM, so 
use your VM name directly instead of '5' below.

# virsh list                // get the VM ID, say '5' (or just use the 
name now?)

# virsh detach-disk 5 hdc   // might not be hdc!

# virsh attach-disk 5 path-to-image.iso hdc --driver file --type cdrom 
--mode readonly

> Will KVM handle this differently?

I think it will be identical - this has nothing to do with Xen or KVM 
per se.