[CentOS-virt] high resolution video for kvm vm

Sat Nov 19 04:34:25 UTC 2011
Nataraj <incoming-centos at rjl.com>

I'm running a fuduntu vm (based on fedora 14)  on a CentOS 6 kvm
server.  I have tried changing the video in virt-manager from cirrus to
vga and restarting the VM, but the maximum resolution that the client
will let me set is still only 1024x768.  Should I be able to get  high
res video with the kvm VGA mode?  Note that the VM is running on a
CentOS server while virt-manager is running on my local desktop.

Would I be better off trying to get the vmware VGA driver working?  I'm
assuming I have to extract the driver from the vmware tools package and
manually install it into the X server, because VMware tools won't
install under kvm.

Also, I run with the keyboard option to swap caps lock and control on my
linux desktop, which does not seem to get passed through to the guest. 
I tried setting the same swap caps lock and control option in the guest,
but it does not work.  Any ideas?