[CentOS-virt] bridging bonded NICs, centos6

Tue Oct 25 00:44:40 UTC 2011
Bob Hoffman <bob at bobhoffman.com>

Trying to think this through, hope someone can lend a hand.

I have 3 eths I want to bond together and that seems simple enough.
eth0,1,2 <-> bond0 , though not sure how this would be for multiple ip 
addresses needed for the virtual machines...
perhaps eth:0, eth:1 etc....to bond0:1, bond0:2 ?

then I want to bridge to my virtual machines....

I am going to be using virtual machines, each with one ip address 
(websites) some with possibly more than one ip...

for each ip do I need to bond all three nics, go to a new bonding file, 
then to the bridge file for that virtual machine?
what happens when I use two IP addresses for the same virtual machine?
Each machine wants to use just one bridge, but will it use more than one?

I am pretty sure each bonding file must have an ipaddress on it...so perhaps
it will be multiple eth files pointing to multiple bonding files 
pointing to single bridge files
for each machine?

somewhat confused.
any help appreciated.

am I even close?