[CentOS-virt] using local media file to install guest

Wed Oct 26 23:34:56 UTC 2011
Eric Shubert <ejs at shubes.net>

On 10/26/2011 04:14 PM, Bob Hoffman wrote:
> Eric wrote
> ---------------------
> Run virt-manager on a separate machine, and use the COS6 minimal iso for
> the install. Haven't done this yet myself, but I'd bet it will work.
> --------------------
>   From what I understand to do so actually sets up a gui session on the server, thus I would have
> to install both x windows and gnome desktop...and in that case I would be able to do it
> locally anyway...

That's not my understanding. I watched someone else follow the procedure 
and I believe he started with the minimal installation on the host.

> Virt manager can use an iso file. It appears the command line tool virt-install cannot 'out of the box'
> and something has to be done to allow local iso to be installed.

The howto above shows a .iso file being used with virt-install.
I don't know why there would be a problem using either method.

> I was thinking about mounting the file, making it a nfs, turning on nfs and learning how to configure that,
> then try to use that to install via a local nfs folder containing the mounted iso.
> In learning about this issue I know see the thousands of posts online from people having trouble
> with virt-install in a new light. Local install from local files seems a very big bump in the road.
> I wonder what virt-manager does that virt-install does not do to use that local .iso image?
> it must load it somehow and then 'fake' boot it since virt-install keeps looking for
> boot.iso when I run it on a mounted cd image.

-Eric 'shubes'