[CentOS-virt] using local media file to install guest

Thu Oct 27 01:11:02 UTC 2011
Eric Shubert <ejs at shubes.net>

On 10/26/2011 04:56 PM, Bob Hoffman wrote:
> eric wrote
> -------------------
> That's not my understanding. I watched someone else follow the procedure
> here:
> http://www.howtoforge.com/virtualization-with-kvm-on-a-centos-6.0-server
> and I believe he started with the minimal installation on the host.
> -
> -------------------
> thought I missed something and re-read....his next page says he is using
> netinstall and ....wait for it..
> connecting to remote server to get the media to install the guest..
> seems impossible I guess...gonna need to set up a home server for my
> production server to install guests..
> seems like an extraordinary waste of bandwidth to do it that way.

Wrong. You're making this way more difficult than it is.

Just set up your host as in the directions, and when you get to the 
point of creating a VM guest, jump to the part about setting up 
virt-manager, but set that up on a workstation/laptop. On ubuntu for 
instance, you simply install the virt-manager package. Then create your 
VM guest using virt-manager. It runs on the workstation, but the VM is 
created on the server, via a network connection. It's really pretty slick.

You're right to not want to put X on your server. And you don't need to.

-Eric 'shubes'