[CentOS-virt] CentOS-6 KVM virt-manager will not shutdown guest

Paul Norton

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Hi James,

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> Subject: [CentOS-virt] CentOS-6 KVM virt-manager will not shutdown
> I have a CentOS-6 guest VM configured on a CentOS-6 host.
> If I run virt-manager then I can start the guest VM but once it is
running I
> cannot get a shutdown command to have effect.  To shutdown the running
> guest I either must select Force Off from the Shut Down menu or open
> guest console and issue shutdown from the command line.
> Is there some setting that is required to have Shut Down have effect
> issued from within virt-manager?  is this a bug or a configuration
> When I issue the shutdown command to the guest then there is no entry
> made in /var/log/messages.  It just has no effect.  However, if I
issue a
> reboot command from the same menu then I get an error:
> libvirtd: 16:43:51.027: error: VirLibConnError 450 : this function is
> supported by the connection driver:
> virDominReboot
> Am I to infer that Reboot and Shutdown options actually are not
available to
> use from the virt-manager Shut Down menu, notwithstanding that they
> present?

You need to have acpid installed.

In your KVM VM guest, run the following:

yum -y install acpid
service acpid start
chkconfig acpid on

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