[CentOS-virt] Slightly OT: Centos KVM Host/Guest functions and LVM considerations

Ed Heron

Ed at Heron-ent.com
Fri Sep 16 20:10:27 UTC 2011

  I've been considering this type of setup for a distributed
virtualization setup.  I have several small locations and we would be
more comfortable having a host in each.

  I was nervous about running the firewall as a virtual machine, though
if nobody screams bloody murder, I'll start exploring it further as it
could reduce machine count at each location by 2 (backup fw).

  I'm not as paranoid about the host providing storage to the VM's
directly, for booting.

  I'm considering using DRBD to replicate storage on 2 identical hosts
to allow fail-over in the case of a host hardware failure.

  What kind of VM management tool do you use; VMM or something else?

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