[CentOS-virt] Network and IP's

James A. Peltier

jpeltier at sfu.ca
Thu Sep 22 17:05:55 UTC 2011

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| Hi,
| When "playing" with Cent OS 5.x Virtualization, I could have a host
| with
| IP: and the guests with IP's:,
| an so on.
| But now after installing Cent OS 6.0 as a host, I can't figure out how
| to make my guest get the same IP's.
| My host is still, but the 1. guest i make, get an IP of
| 192.168.122.x !
| I can see something in virtual-manager concerning virtual-networks. It
| looks new compared to COS 5.x.
| Is it not possible ?
| Regards Thomas

Sounds to me that you have not created the virtual bridges/networks that are on the the other host.  Is the output of virsh net-list the same?

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