[CentOS-virt] P2V of NEtware 3.12 working server to Centos >=5.x

Wed Sep 7 21:57:53 UTC 2011
Ed Heron <Ed at Heron-ent.com>

On Thu, 2011-09-08 at 02:35 +0530, Rajagopal Swaminathan wrote:

> >  I would suggest setting up a CentOS server with Samba and convert the
> > DOS network stack, if you can.  Samba appears to be much more
> > supportable, currently.  Take a look at the FreeDOS project, too, as an
> > example of getting DOS to work in a more recent environment.  The
> > biggest concern (after getting the clients to talk to Samba) is that
> > there have been a few choices made in Samba with respect to file
> > sharing/locking mechanisms.  With old software, you may have to look at
> > those settings.
> I am not sure about freedos as there is a Piece of custom built ISA
> hardware and the forget about replacing it. there is a budget(was
> there any?) constraint at clients end.

  Just suggesting looking at the docs for ideas.

> > I google'd netware virtual machine and saw a few
> > links to virtualizing Netware 3 under VMWare which might give you some
> > insights.
> No additional cash flow for software :p ..... :)

  Just another suggested reading for ideas.

> >
> >  Either way, do it in a separate test environment to work out any
> > issues prior to production deployment.
> >
> Even buying is a hard disk is a constraint. (Cash outflow constraint,
> remember :) )

  If you can't buy hardware, then you already have a Linux box running

> >  If I hadn't been strongly encouraged (successfully) to de-clutter my
> > software repository, I'd pull out my old Netware 3.12 disks and try
> > installing on a virtual machine.
> >
> If only I had that luxury of having those original _working_ floppy disks.

  If I had to virtualize an existing machine, I'd boot the equipment
with a Linux Live CD and copy (using dd/ssh) the raw disk data to a
virtual disk on the virtual machine server.  Verify the copy is accurate
with md5sum.  Then, make another copy to start a virtual machine with.

  I'd still suggest your best option would be to take one of the DOS
clients and get it to connect to a Samba server and migrate the data.