[CentOS-virt] Network and IP's

Mon Sep 26 12:43:15 UTC 2011
Thomas Rønshof <tr at kyborg.dk>


I have found the way of making a bridged network in the docs.

I will be using RH 6.0 for both host and guests, so as I read, the KVM 
para-virtualized drivers are already loaded and installed. Correct ?
Should be best for database performance.

What about PCI device assignment and SR-IOV ? Is that an issue, I should 
think about ?

And guest timing management ? Isn't that for more real-time applications ?

Med venlig hilsen / Best Regards

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Den 24-09-2011 23:10, Michael Schumacher skrev:
> Thomas,
>> Ok.. thanks. Can I use virt-manager to setup a bridged-network or shall
>> i use the commandtool ? I also think that Cent os 5.6 used bridged as
>> default...
> I was using the command line. The RHEL-docs can be used for this
> purpose.
> You are right, Centos5 used bridged network as default. But then of
> course that was a XEN-environmnet and now we have KVM. Quite a few
> things work differently.
> Michael
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