[CentOS-virt] VirtIO disk 'leakage' across guests?

Mon Jan 16 18:05:03 UTC 2012
James B. Byrne <byrnejb at harte-lyne.ca>

We are in the process of migrating several stand-alone
server hosts onto a CentOS-6 kvm virtual host.  We also
use Webmin to administer our hosts.  All of the guests,
without exception, have been cloned brom a prototype guest
using virt-manager.  All of the additional VirtIO disks
assigned to some of the guests have been added through
virt-manager as well.

Recently I have encountered a situation with the
development copy of Webmin where I can see an additional
VirtIO disk assigned to one guest instance, but not yet
added to the lvg of that guest, as an unknown device on
different guest.  Further, I can see an lv assigned to one
guest instance as an lv on a difference guest.

The webmin author is aware of this problem and is
assiduously trying to determine its cause.  My difficulty
is answering the question: How is it even possible for an
application running under a httpd service on one guest to
see anything at all besides the VirtIO storage assigned to
that guest?

Has anyone else encountered this anomaly?

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