[CentOS-virt] SR-IOV with Broadcom NIC??

Wed Jun 6 15:18:46 UTC 2012
David Knierim <dknierim at gmail.com>

   We recently purchased some HP Gen8 servers with Broadcom BCM57810 NIC
controllers.   I am running CentOS 6.2 on these servers configured as KVM

Has anyone gotten the Broadcom chips to run with SR-IOV on CentOS 6.2?
Any clues on how to get it working?

I see from the Broadcom glossy marketing docs that this chip supports
SR-IOV, but I cannot find a procedure for configuring it.  The Red Hat docs
show how to configure the Intel chips and the Emulex web site includes a
procedure to configure SR-IOV with their chips.  In both procedures, there
are vendor-specific steps.

It is also pretty obvious that appropriate drivers and firmware are
required, which I do not know if I have.

Any input would be most welcome.

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