[CentOS-virt] Basic shared storage + KVM

Tue Jun 19 21:50:38 UTC 2012
Andrea Chierici <andrea.chierici at cnaf.infn.it>


>    Please help me understand why you are doing it this way?  I'm using
> Xen with integrated storage, but I've been considering separating my
> storage from my virtual hosts.  Conceptually, we can ignore the Xen/KVM
> difference for this discussion.  I would imagine using LVM on the
> storage server then setting the LVs up as iSCSI targets.  On the virtual
> host, I imagine I would just configure the new device and hand it to my
> VM.

I am open to any suggestion. I am not really an expert of iscsi, so I 
don't know what is the best way to implement a solution where a small 
group of hv support live migration with a shared storage. This way 
looked rather straightforward and for some level, documented on official 
redhat manuals.
The problem is that there is no mention about this LVM problem :(
Initially I tried configuring the raw iscsi device ad storage pool but 
virt-manager reported it was 100% occupied even if that was not true 
(indeed 0% was occupied).