[CentOS-virt] Walkthrough available for bonding, bridging, and VLAN's?

Thu Sep 27 03:49:53 UTC 2012
Nico Kadel-Garcia <nkadel at gmail.com>

Silvertip257, when you did this CentOS 6/KVM/bonding/bridging, did you
ever get all the parts playing together correctlhy?

I'm facing a setup with only two NIC's, and need for multiple trunked
VLAN access, and bonded pairs, and KVM based bridges to get the VM's
with exposed IP addresses. I can get basically any 2 out of the 3
server network components working, binding, VLAN's, or KVM bridging,
but attempts to pull all together on CentOS 6.3 fails. I'm finding
numerous partial references, and a lot of speculation of "this setup
should work!", but no cases of anyone actually doing it. And I'm
unable to reach out to the upstream vendor directly until some
paperwork gets straightened out.

(And oh, I've been away from CentOS for a while, but am in the midst
of deploying about 50 CentOS VM's on KVM virtualization if I can *get
this working!!!!*)