[CentOS-virt] centos 5.8 libvirt disk options

Fri Sep 28 00:20:43 UTC 2012
Bill Campbell <centos at celestial.com>

I am attempting to use libvirtd/kvm on CentOS 5.latest to migrate a SCO
OpenServer 5.0.6a VM from the old VMware server.

I have converted the multiple vmdk disk files to a single file, then used
qemu-img convert to create files for libvirtd, both qcow2 and raw formats.

After many attempts to get this working I'm up against what appears to be a
brick wall.

   + The VMware VMs are using straight 'ide' HD emulation which has been
     working well for several years.

   + The 'ide' on libvirtd appears to map to SATA which isn't supported by
     OSR5.  I've tried doing a fresh install from CDROM, but the
     installation fails to find the hard disk.  I might be able to find the
     appropriate BTLD for this, but that won't help migrating existing VMs.

   + When I tried using 'scsi' libvirtd says this isn't supported.  This
     would be my preferred emulation as we have used SCSI drives since the
     early days of Xenix on Tandy hardware.

   + The final problem if these are solved is that SCO is funny about its
     drive geometry, and the current versions of libvirtd and qemu don't
     appear to support the <geometry> allowing one to specify heads,
     cylinders, etc.

Am I going to have to resort to using VMware workstation for this?

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